Balmain for H&M


I knew it was going to be crazy, but with so many pieces that I had to have, I dragged myself out of bed at 3am on Thursday. With my sister in tow we joined what turned out to be a rather large queue. Our confidence levels of obtaining exactly what we came for didn’t falter even after receiving a shop time of 945am. We peered into the window at 9am and saw the once fully stocked shelves and racks now almost bare. At that point we realized that not only were we not getting anything on our list, but that we’d be lucky to leave with anything other than a speck of Balmain dust!

Once inside I grabbed one of everything left which was literally only 5 different styles out of the entire collection. I settled on the velvet burn out top in black and dress in green. Unlike my sister who left completely empty handed. I’m really hoping next year they choose a designer I couldn’t care less about so I can save myself the drama.


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